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Restyle your old clothes – Save Environment and Save Money

Are you thinking of dumping your Old clothes which are no more in fashion now? Think again!!!!!!!!!! Refashioning may change the whole look of your old worn out dress, what more you can create a new wardrobe without spending money.

I have got dresses in my closet which I hardly wear because I feel they are either out of date or worn too much. Few of them I have just got bored of, but they are really so precious to me that I can’t even give them away. Lately I came across this whole new Idea of Restyle and Reuse which has helped me get out of my problems (my old clothes). With increasing awareness of Fashion and Trends, dumping of old clothes is becoming a big threat to Environment. Loads and loads of clothes are either given away or dumped into the Environment because of the mere reason of them being not in trend anymore. This has evolved the concept of remodelling or Refashioning.

Here are few tips on how can you bring life to your old clothes:

1) Change the length- Change the length of your old skirt by making it either short or long, as per your requirement. Put a new belt over it and it may look better. Check out this black skirt shortened into a mini look.  You can also cut your old denims into hot shorts. Just draw a frenzy uneven line and cut them short to give it a reckless funky and hot look.

2) Accessorize it- Change your daddy’s baggy t-shirt into a mini-dress by putting a funky belt at the waist. You can also cut the neck deep, make it off-shoulder by cutting the sleeve from one side or make a sleeveless dress altogether.  Putting broach and bows on old dress can also create a new zing in them.

3) Mix and Match- Use two different old clothes and fuse them into a new one. You can use your old jeans along with your old skirt and make a brand new fusion Skirt.

4) Change the Avatar – Completely change your dress by Change Avatar. Convert your shirt into a skirt. Change your mom’s Old sari into a New Dress. Completely change the Avatar of your dress.

I know you must be thinking this all is for Western Clothes What about your Indian dresses. You can use the same tricks for your Indian wear. Below is the example of the same. I have used one of my mom’s Old maroon saree, mixed it with an old material of brochette and converted it into an Anarkali dress.

Anarkali’s are completely IN these days. You can see Mona Singh and Madhuri Dixit flaunting great toe-touching Anarkali’s with antique work patches. You can also create your own Anarkali dress from those old sarees which have great and heavy work and mix them with your old plain georgette sarees to create a New Look.

So gals Go and get yourself Re-fashionable…….:)

Shoes that will give you a Perfect Look

Have you ever wondered what kind of shoes should I wear with my favourite dress?? Most Girls go in this similar phase of confusion while picking up the right pair of shoes. Footwear is no doubt an important part of your look, and you need to get the right pair of shoes for that perfect look of yours 🙂

There are as such no particular norms for selecting a lovely pair of shoes you have always wanted to flaunt, but there are certain things which have to be kept in mind while choosing them. Shoes generally emphasize your whole look and accentuate your posture; a real good pair of shoes can make you look stunning whereas a bad choice can make the whole dress-up a complete mess!! Ergh!!!


Welcome to the world of fashion!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to fashiomate!!! If you presume this to be yet another blog, bickering about the “In-Thing” and giving tips on whats trendy today then you are completely Mistaken.  fashionmate is not about how to chase fashion.. it’s about how to make the fashion chase YOU..

fashionmate will help you look good and presentable, even in the that old dress hanging in your closet. So all you gorgeous gals and guys do not fret about the newest and hottest.. Be yourself and you will be the best. It’s just about choosing the right colour for your skin, taking the right cuts to show your right curves (particularly for gals only..!!) using the right skin makeup and stepping out there with confidence and I bet the fashion is gonna follow You.


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