Feel great and Look great- thats what fashion is all about

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to fashiomate!!! If you presume this to be yet another blog, bickering about the “In-Thing” and giving tips on whats trendy today then you are completely Mistaken.  fashionmate is not about how to chase fashion.. it’s about how to make the fashion chase YOU..

fashionmate will help you look good and presentable, even in the that old dress hanging in your closet. So all you gorgeous gals and guys do not fret about the newest and hottest.. Be yourself and you will be the best. It’s just about choosing the right colour for your skin, taking the right cuts to show your right curves (particularly for gals only..!!) using the right skin makeup and stepping out there with confidence and I bet the fashion is gonna follow You.

What other day would be better to start this blog then a Valentine day!!!  Happy Valentine day to all my friends. The colour for today is Red… yes red of love, passion and admiration. Red is a colour which will go great with all skins, be it dusky, wheatish, olive, pale or fair. You just have to pick your shade of red. For example a maroon red would go great with a dusky skin whereas a cherry red would go great with a fairer complexion. …And remember V-Day isn’t just about RED… there are other lovely colours out there too.. Pink, Maroon and White are some you can carry with great elegance…In fact each colour carries its own meaning and impact on the other person. Owww.. that can be the next thing on my post.. but no I aint going to bore you people with that routine stuff,.. surf for colours of valentine in google and you’ll get all the info.. Ok back to topic..;)

Now that the dress is ready lets move on to other things.. Make sure of one thing.. excess of anything, Anything for that matter makes it worse.. same is with colour and fashion.. Too much of RED can turn him off rather than doing the other way round. Red makes you look loud, so accessorize in a way that would go with it. Red hooks for a party look and shiny single diamond for that classic look of yours would make your day…. Picking up your shoes will be more tricky.. go for a white or a black or a mixture of red and white for the complete temptress look…

Guys can pick up a black suit with a red tie.. remember as i said nothing in excess so let it better be a red with white stripped tie.. or a funky cute red t-shirt with blue denim.. would look great on guys of any physique…

This is it for today.. and yea don’t forget to dab a sweet fragrance and pick a cute purse while rushing out of the house gals.. and guys… pick up a neat wallet (full of cash!! ) 😉 and a musk deo would do as good on you… Hey don’t forget the flowers…shez gonna love it…:)

So that’s all for today guys and gals.. Keep reading and keep commenting.. your opinions and suggestions matter the most.. coz after all its all about YOU.. Aint it…

Have a lovely Valentine Ahead….

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