Feel great and Look great- thats what fashion is all about

Have you ever wondered what kind of shoes should I wear with my favourite dress?? Most Girls go in this similar phase of confusion while picking up the right pair of shoes. Footwear is no doubt an important part of your look, and you need to get the right pair of shoes for that perfect look of yours 🙂

There are as such no particular norms for selecting a lovely pair of shoes you have always wanted to flaunt, but there are certain things which have to be kept in mind while choosing them. Shoes generally emphasize your whole look and accentuate your posture; a real good pair of shoes can make you look stunning whereas a bad choice can make the whole dress-up a complete mess!! Ergh!!!

The Basic point to be kept in mind while selecting your foot-gear is your body posture. Tall girls can grace their looks with kitten heels, toe-peep pumps, funky flats as well as gladiators (which have become popular these days). Too much High heel may make you look lanky. Of-course a cute pair of these velvet platforms would go great with a cute knee-length dress.

A funky pair of flat shoes might do Wonders, Check out our Bollywood’s Tallest girl shilpa shetty in white funky flats of Puma while Dip’s  dazzling in style with her chappals.

Kat and Deepika make quite of an impact flaunting the flats that gives their tall figures a perfect look. When you are tall like deepika even Gladiators are a great thing to carry.

Those who are not blessed with a good height do not need to fret over their low posture; high stiletto heels are your best friend. Harness yourselves with one of the sexy high heels to create a taller look, make sure that they are pointed towards the toe to give that tall appeal.

You can make your leg appear longer by matching your shoe colour with your leg wear just like Emma Watson has done for that bewitching look.




If you are not so comfortable with high heels, you may find that wearing medium heel platforms will also give you the lift you need. Check out B-town’s not-so-tall diva’s Diya, Preity and Kareena appear ravishing sporting their best heels.


So Gals what are you waiting for???? Dug in your shoe-racks to find your perfect pair and get ready to dazzle.


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