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Last Post of Restyle become quite popular… We are back with new tips for Restyling Old Clothes…

This time the focus is on Indian Dress.. Amongst all other Indian wear, Saree is the most fashionable Outfit. Every Indian Women would be having a Treasure of Saree’s, whether she be a traditional lady or a Mordern One… Many have Old sarees that they do not wear,  but still do not want to give them away or throw them due to either of  these reasons…1) Its gorgeous.. Completely Intact … 2) Its your wedding day memory… or your Mom’s treasure for you… 3) It was so expensive when you bought it.. How could you think of throwing that away.. you’ve hardly wore it few times..;)

I too have faced the same Issues… So I came up with the Idea of Recycling the Sarees into something usefull as well as keeping your memories intact with you…

Here is one way to convert your old silk saree into a cute summer outfit with spagetti strips…This will give a fresh look to you as well as your saree too…;)


Another way is to use your heavy embroidary Border of your saree as the Bottom Lace of your Beautiful Anarkali Dress..

This Gold Anarkali Dress is made up of a heavy bordered lace taken from and old cream and golden sari… and is mixed with a old plain yellow Georgette Saree and for the upper part of the dress an old brochette blouse is used with a yellow satin lace in the Middle t give a Complete new look…



You can also make an antique Skirt out of your old Saree like this one or make it into cute cushion covers for your sofa….



Check out this fashion diva Model wearing a sky blue saree into a sexy frock…. AMAZING…!!! The black Bow gives a complete new look to it…

Or make a dress out of your Mom’s Old cotton saree and rock this summer…

You can make Silk scarfs, gift articles, cute bags.. as your imagination goes…

Saree is the only cloth that is so long and thus can be used vigourously in various manner.. No matter how much old your saree is… therz always a part of it which still seems young.. Just figure out what you can do with it… and go green… save money.. restyle and become a part of Eco frienldy fashion….:)


All the Best Girls…

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  1. Gracias!good quality points you high light in this article. I’m not in its entirety together with you, though enjoyed to learn your view point on this subject.

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