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The royal wedding- Kate Middleton’s Wedding dress no more a suspense!!

Ever Since the royal wedding was planned, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress seemed to be the hot topic of the affair.. Designers all around the world kept guessing the wonderful piece of royalty and fashion that Kate the to-be Duchess of Cambridge would adore on her Wedding day. The suspense overleashed finally at the Royal Wedding. Where Kate stepped out of the car in a mesmerizing ivory white Wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, which costed more than 1 crore !!!!!!!!!!!!!  and a sparking tiara from the queen herself….. Get some lovely clicks of the wonderful wedding dress of the Princess Kate Middleton… now thats called a royal wedding..

kate middleton wedding dress (more…)

Reuse, Recycle and Refashion – The three R’s of Fashion Industry

Recycling and Restyling is the best thing to turn your old garments into new. We have already seen how to recycle Old clothes to new ones. Today we shall discuss about few other day to day items that can be sucessfully recycled and reused. This way we not only reduce waste, but also safeguard ourselves from emptying our pockets everytime we are in mood of shopping..

Next time you shop.. first think.. What i Need…?? Then remove all your clothes out of your wardrobe and see if you can make that dress you need by restyling any of your existing clothes or not.. If you are in need of a wall piece for your home decor.. See if you can make best out of waste from your existing stuff, and become an inspiration to your young kids.. If you are in need of bag.. check out whether you can use your old  bedsheets,  jeans,  towels, curtains or tin cans and turn them into bags..

Did I say tin cans??   YES Now even that’s possible.. Check out great use of Used Tin cans to make awesome decor for your kid’s bedroom by Heidi Borchers.

pig-decor-from-used-tin can

bear from can


Earth Day- Join the cause of saving environment

Blogs – Earth Day.

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.”

Save Earth- green fashion

reuse and recycle -  fashion restyle

Find 100 ways to save environment at SEQL

Earth Day 2011 // Bloggers Unite

Earth Day 2011 // Bloggers Unite.

Flowery season- Latest Fashion trends 2011-retro rules

As we know this summer is all about vibrant colours and bold prints. Purple, red, green or olive – the summer of 2010 is all about these and much more. Two types of print that should definitely find their way into your closet are the botanic, floral one and the fabrics of canvas look alike cool cottony ones.  In other words, it’s time to transfer your garden onto your tops, dresses and accessories and start enjoying the floral avalanche…. 🙂

With the vintage effect overpowering the fashion Industry, the 40’s and 50′ s look of retro floral influences is back on the ramp and right into the closets this summer. Floral patterns, graffiti-like scribbles and look of hand-painting is flaunted everywhere with grace and comfort… one-shoulder floral dress

one-shoulder floral dress with black background


latest pattern for my bandhani dress – fashionable bandhani 2011

I just felt like sharing my latest bandhani dress pattern with all my friends…. The red and black dress material is quite simple but attractive, I tried a very cute pattern for the same…;)

Check out the result…

latest red and black bandhani dress The simple potli buttoned yolk neck looks nice…:)

potli buttoned neck pattern - latest bandhani

The richness of the silk material and the back pattern with the jhumkha’s is quite traditional yet funky…lol…

latest back patterns for bandhani dress material

The geometrical design in the duppata complimenting that in the dress….. gives it a completely refreshing look……

geometrical pattern in duppata-latest bandhani dress pattern

red black bandhani

Hope this summer treats me with more such beautiful gifts…lol..:)

Gorgeous Bandhani sarees with vibrant and bold colours

After the heartwarming dress materials and summer dresses from bandhani, Fashionmate brings you a collection of Fashionable and Gorgeous Bandhani sarees to adorn yourselves for a party, function and even weddings. These beautiful bandhani sarees in Vibrant colour of different textures, lusture, bold prints and hand worked borders steal the show wherever you go…

turqoise blue maroon bandhani saree fashionableTurqoise Blue with broad border fashionable bandhani saree for parties and function to make a royal mark!!!!

green and red bandhani saree latest collection green lovely party wear saree with halter neck blouse

This bottle green saree looks quite attractive, and can be more mordenized by making a  halter neck blouse with it…

golden bandhani party wear saree

lovely maroon party bandhani wear saree























The golden bandhani proves great for a wedding function, and this fashionable marron bandhani with broad border is all you need for a grand wedding function..




lovely pink and golden bandhani sareepink and peach bandhani saree





















The pink colour here takes my heart away.. Its ideal for young gals who need to make a cute and lovely yet gorgeous fashion statment… Nothing can stop you being noticed in this lovely pink and gold bandhani sareee.. And every guy would give a second look at you if you flaunt that peach and purple bandhani at your college festival…. Go gals get your pick..;)

sea green and pink bandhani saree Fashionable Blue Leheria bandhani party wear saree






Few more young colours in combination of bandhani and leheria, yet another famous patterns from gujarat in vibrant pink green and purple… look lovely..








red and green bandhani saree fashionable red hue bandhani saree Few more of Red bandhani sarees for the bold season



lovely multicolour fashionable saree

Multicoloured bandhani saree

These are few multicoloured bandhani sarees for those who want to splash all the colours of this season..

multi coloured bandhani saree gorgeous gorgeous bandhani lehenga

For those who got bored of saree, here is a gorgeous beige and blue lehenga for occasions and festivals…

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