Feel great and Look great- thats what fashion is all about

As we know this summer is all about vibrant colours and bold prints. Purple, red, green or olive – the summer of 2010 is all about these and much more. Two types of print that should definitely find their way into your closet are the botanic, floral one and the fabrics of canvas look alike cool cottony ones.  In other words, it’s time to transfer your garden onto your tops, dresses and accessories and start enjoying the floral avalanche…. 🙂

With the vintage effect overpowering the fashion Industry, the 40’s and 50′ s look of retro floral influences is back on the ramp and right into the closets this summer. Floral patterns, graffiti-like scribbles and look of hand-painting is flaunted everywhere with grace and comfort… one-shoulder floral dress

one-shoulder floral dress with black background

The floral effect can be enhanced by the use of  trims as fabric roses, or even plain  flowers made of silk chiffon attached to a belt or sash. As we all know Eco-friendly clothes rule these days.. why not opt for a green one with lots of flowers in it.. made up of ecofriendly garment… and make a statment for yourself… Go Green with minimal clothing…

floral dress with a belt  Flowery-Summer-Trends-2011

       Any print that contains exclusive colourful flowers,petals,  buds, blooms or blossoms is sure to become your new best friend this summer 2011. So keep your eye open for such cute floral patterns for your summer dresses…

Flowery-Summer-Trends-fashion 2011

Keep blooming this season.. with fresh flowers…:),, Keep it cool and keep it fresh…!!!! 😉 and Keep it Green!!!!!!

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