Feel great and Look great- thats what fashion is all about

Recycling and Restyling is the best thing to turn your old garments into new. We have already seen how to recycle Old clothes to new ones. Today we shall discuss about few other day to day items that can be sucessfully recycled and reused. This way we not only reduce waste, but also safeguard ourselves from emptying our pockets everytime we are in mood of shopping..

Next time you shop.. first think.. What i Need…?? Then remove all your clothes out of your wardrobe and see if you can make that dress you need by restyling any of your existing clothes or not.. If you are in need of a wall piece for your home decor.. See if you can make best out of waste from your existing stuff, and become an inspiration to your young kids.. If you are in need of bag.. check out whether you can use your old  bedsheets,  jeans,  towels, curtains or tin cans and turn them into bags..

Did I say tin cans??   YES Now even that’s possible.. Check out great use of Used Tin cans to make awesome decor for your kid’s bedroom by Heidi Borchers.

pig-decor-from-used-tin can

bear from can

Check out the Tin cans reused as bags by Palmax. Unique lights recycled from Spray Cans..

cocacola-tin-handag    fanta-tin-handbag

lights from spray cans


Refashioned-handbag-recyleNot only that now you can save your hubby’s/ bro’s Tie which they are no more using and make a funky cute handbag out of it.. After seeing the refashioned adorable  Hand bags made by recycing various coloured tie’s I am sure you all will collect as many tie’s as you can… Coz the More the Merrier- (here Funkier)… LOL… Courtesy Sewing Crafts

refashion frock to skirt  Turn a dress that doesnt fit you properly, into a cute skirt this summer and flaunt yourself.. Remember Get gorgeous being yourself and saving money..Love you all…

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