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Latest Fashion Trends 2011| Sling-back Purse | retro bags are back

The boho-chic look of 70’s is here to stay with flare pants, bold patterns, matte colours, sleek belts, pencil skirts and Sling-back bags! Seems 2011 fashion trends are all about bringing the old 70’s back to life.. of course with a new touch to it…!!

Yes you heard me right. Sling-bag purse is the latest fashion mantra amongst the fashionista’s.. Celebs from Hollywood to Bollywood are seen flaunting Slingback purses and why not after all its the next best thing after sleek belts this season. These sling-backs not only bring backs the look of retro but also are very comfortable especially in these rains here in India, Whats better than not having to carry your big bags all around..The street fashion is catching up fast on this latest development in fashion industry with its boho look and easy to hold nature sling-backs are the new craze amongst the college gals this season… Check out your favourite celebs flaunting thier fashionable slingback bags this season…

alexa chung in channel fashion 2011

Alexa Chung in Slingback purse from Channel…

claudia schiffer sling back purse


Sustainable use of old worn out socks| reuse recyle old socks into a ball

Recently I came across a blog wherein this beautiful picture was posted… Asking me what??  Well below is the picture of a ball used recently by some of the village children.. and its made out of wool.. old socks and such sustainable materail.. Now thats called Sustainable resource utilization.. You can find the whole details at JJ’s Blog

Sustainable use of old worn-out clothes

Latest fashion trends 2011| yellow fever catches on

Just recently I had posted about Yellow fever spreading amongst celebrities, It turns up that the yellow fever has caught me too…LOL… Don’t believe me? Check out for yourself..:P

yellow fever fashion trends 2011

Latest Fashion Trends 2011| Yellow becomes the colour of the Season | Monsoon Style

With the Rain pouring down hard in Mumbai, Yellow fever seems to be catching up this Monsoon.. The Vibrant Yellow colour brings the bright sunlight in the dull days of Monsoon. Recently Kiran Rao was spotted with a Yellow bag at the Music launch of Delhi Belly

Kiran rao in yellow bag - monsoon fashion trends 2011 (more…)

Fashionmate becomes the Blogger of the Day for Paperblog

Paperblog announces fashionmate as its Blogger of the Day for 8th June 2011


Latest Fashion Trends 2011 | Street Fashion – Boho-chic look and fancy Handbags!

Since past many years Celebrity fashion has been the core of Fashion Industry, right from what they wear to what they eat… Everything becomes a craze for the youth who follows it meticulously. Be It Britney or Lady Gaga.. COPY THEM is the hype for the people who want to stay Stylish..Is that fashion is all about? Lets find out…

Yesterday I was traveling in the most famous Mumbai Local (for those who didnt catch that, mumbai local is the local train plying across the vast city of Mumbai with tons and tons of common public commuting from one corner of the city to other..if you actually see them packed together in the peak hours of local you wont be able to make out one person from other… it is such a scenario) Well Mumbaikars are born to adapt that though… Coming to the point, I could make out various style statements (Individual Style Icons) of these Common Gals who could be hardly called Common.And Mind It, none of it seemed copied or similar.. Each one had her own sense of Style and carried it Elegantly with great confidence.. This made me rethink my earlier statement.. Fashion is not just a Celebrity Fashion.. Fashion is what inside us,, each one of us has his/her own creativity to look their best…NOT Forgetting that “ITS NOT TRENDS THAT MAKES US, ITS WE WHO MAKE TRENDS”… And I decided to put up their Style Statements on my Blog…So here we GO!


Latest Fashion Trends| anatasia dress- wear a Single dress in 10 different ways

Next time you are going on a vaccation with your hubby, you dont need to undergo the trouble of packing 10 different dresses and 10 different accesories matching to those dresses.. It just gets so hectic na… Anatasia has made it easier for you by inventing a dress that can be worn 10 times in different ways back and again.. Now doesnt that sound cool,,,,,

A New York born designer has created a dress that can be worn 10 ways.The £170 Anastasia jersey dress created by designer Vanessa Knox transforms just by moving the neck opening and playing around with the sleeves. The mystery behind so much out of one dress is the extra long sleeves of the dress that can be draped in all different ways as possible..


Get the full video of the most wanted dress for the season..

Today’s Mumbai Mirror gives tips on wearing Skirts – catch the article at Fashionmate

The mumbai Mirror todays edition has an article with tips on wearing skirts… taglined “Skirting issues”. In case you havent got a chance to look at it. Fashionmate offers you with the full article below:

“With the monsoons making an early appearance, full length trousers and jeans are a cumbersome option for dressing as you make your way through muggy puddles and grimy streets.

Try on an assortment of skirts and dresses depending on your body type to sail through the season with girlie finesse. Here’s a quick guide to the cut and flare that suits your body beautiful.

 ► Pear shaped mayhem

While it’s never small enough, for some, thunder thighs and heavy bottoms are a genuine problem and not just irrational fears of the narcissistic. Skirts and dresses are in fact, a great way to veer the eye away from the rear.

♦ Dark colours work best for a slimming look. Black is your friend but don’t be afraid of colours. Bold bright prints and hues work great when paired with a neutral coloured blouse.

♦ Fit and flare A-Line skirts that hold the narrow waist and flare out from the hip balance the proportions of the body and get it in sync with the narrowness of your shoulder frame.

♦ For those measuring 5 feet or under, keep the length at knee level, shorter, or go full length. This will show off your slender legs or hide them completely and give your body an illusion of length. Skirts that end mid-calf break the flow of a glance and make you look shorter. Taller women have the liberty of having a free hand with the length.

♦ Skirts with flare or dresses that fit well at the torso and flare out from the waist accentuate the narrow parts of the body and are a great way to camouflage the wide hip area.

♦ Those with a heavier behind should steer clear of very short skirts. It accentuates the width of the hip attracting attention to your problem area.

 ► Pint-sized petite

Blessed with a slender frame, proportionate assets and a flat stomach, the petite are often the most envied lot. Their genes do give them an upper hand when it comes to finding the right fit.

♦ Most colours work well for a slender frame bright colours, pastels, richer hues. But steer clear of very dark colours or black unless you wany to look anorexic and gaunt.

♦ Flaunt the narrow waist and hips with short skirts in denim or cotton. These work wonders for both tall and short women. Team it up with a tee and flip-flops for the classic casual look.

♦ Figure hugging dresses and pencil skirts that hug the body until just above the knee also look great.

♦ Add a little flounce with balloon skirts and flaring dresses or skirts for a more formal occasion. Pair them with a smart fitting blouse to complete the look.

 ► Big boned 

While proportion isn’t a problem here, an over-all bigger frame does make it difficult for the body to take on a delicate look. But there are a few styles that can help tone it down and do wonders for you.

♦ Semi-fitted clothes are your best bet. Nothing too tight and no need to hide behind oversized flowing clothes. A simple semi-fitted top with an A line skirt with a little more flare that ends around the knee works great.

♦ For a formal dress, keep it from hugging your body but don’t hide behind folds and cowls. Dark colours will aid in the slimming effect and the flare helps hide bulge.

♦ For a more formal look, teem the semi-fit with a belt and scrunch up the waist or under-bust to highlight the narrowest part of your body while still managing to hide the tummy and thigh problem areas.

♦ Feel free to use height as an advantage and wear knee level skirts with heels but if heavy thighs or wide hips are a problem, avoid the hem lines from receding any further.

 ► Top heavy

Being top heavy does pose a substantial problem for those looking for a fitted look.

♦ Cloak your upper torso in something loose fitting and light. The heavier the fabric and print, the more attention it’ll attract.

♦ Complement this with a well-fitting A-line skirt to balance out the body ratio. Slim-fitting pleated skirts will also highlight your slim waist, narrow hips and legs while taking attention away from the bust.

♦ Avoid tops with padded shouldered tops, deep necks or wide boat necks.”





Courtesy: Mumbai mirror

Latest Fashion Trends 2011 | Belt It Up- Celebs flaunt Bohemian style with sleek belts and short dress

The Little White Dress is here to stay, with belts becoming the most wanted and flaunted assest for fashionistas world-wide. Form sleek to broad, Cute to proffesional, Leather to cotton, Sparkly to nude and Buckled to wrap-on’s.. Belts seem to sizzle this season..Celebs are seen wearing all sorts of belts on thier short dresses, Jumpers, High-waisted pants and even evening gowns.. and whats surprising is that it does look great! The all new boho-chic look inspired from the artistic carefree Bohemian style of early 20’s and mid 60’s is back with a blast this year…  No doubts fashion 2011 has its own flavour of combination of chic style with carefree bohemian bring us back to the flaunty floral skirt and high-waisted belts.According to the fashion history, During the 1940s and 50s belts covered in the same fabric as the dresses and suits gained popularity.During the 80s belts crept back up to waist level. Soft and wide to cinch in the waist often with elaborated designs and rhinestones. And now its the Little White Dress and the Little Floral Dress with sleek and chunky belts in 2011…

Little white dress with belt (more…)

World environment day

Happy environment day to all..

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