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Cannes 2011 gave too much to celebrate for women this year. Its done and wrapped but the effect is still on. The biggest inspiration of Cannes film festival 2011 and “The Royal Wedding” was the pippa patent “Little White dress”.

D&G little white dress

The LWD is taking the stage as the wardrobe staple for this Summer. Not only does it instantly offer a fresh, chic look, but it’s incredibly versatile, too. With splashes of monsoon already beginning in India it can become a great escapade from long and dripping dresses. This short and cute dresses can be worn in black (Little black dress for that matter) for those who are skeptical of the infamous kichhad commonly found in streets. No matter what season this refreshing new retro inspired look (remember marilyn monroe in her cute short dresses??) is going to kick all the asses this year.

black accesorised white dress.

You can either accessorize it with black or white and create a complete different look of the same dress.

versace neoned up white dressNeon it up with neon colour belts and purses…

Fendi frilled and feminine white dressGo feminine with layers and frills to add on it…

Erdems lacy white dressesFor a more seductive look lacy white dresses is a great option.. dont miss those lace embedded tower heels.. A complete leggy lace..:)

white dress with sleek leggingsParing a white dress with sleek leggings is a great outdoor outfit.. perfect for those summer vacations you are planning to go..

Sportmax with broad shoulder chic lookFor those who want to tone down the feminist girly look to a more proffesional one, broad shoulder and straight cuts are a great option…

Sportmax with cute geometric cut-workCute geometric cut-works area great for spicing up your rather dull white dress.. ideal for parties and pubs..

bluemarin hued white dressThose who dont want to go all the way upto becoming white obsessed, a hued white dress with other neutral colours like nude is a great option.. Infact this look is more sexier than the “all-white” look..(after all everyone is not pippa..!!)

Dolice Gabbana sexy white dressIf you have those lovely curves to flaunt a more shorter version with sexier look is not at all bad for you..

If you still have some doubts, watch out the video link embedded below for 10 ways to brighten up your day with a little white dress…


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  1. With all the doggone snow we have gotten recently I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. 🙂

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