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Fashionmate becomes the Blogger of the Day for Paperblog

Paperblog announces fashionmate as its Blogger of the Day for 8th June 2011


Latest Fashion Trends 2011 | Street Fashion – Boho-chic look and fancy Handbags!

Since past many years Celebrity fashion has been the core of Fashion Industry, right from what they wear to what they eat… Everything becomes a craze for the youth who follows it meticulously. Be It Britney or Lady Gaga.. COPY THEM is the hype for the people who want to stay Stylish..Is that fashion is all about? Lets find out…

Yesterday I was traveling in the most famous Mumbai Local (for those who didnt catch that, mumbai local is the local train plying across the vast city of Mumbai with tons and tons of common public commuting from one corner of the city to other..if you actually see them packed together in the peak hours of local you wont be able to make out one person from other… it is such a scenario) Well Mumbaikars are born to adapt that though… Coming to the point, I could make out various style statements (Individual Style Icons) of these Common Gals who could be hardly called Common.And Mind It, none of it seemed copied or similar.. Each one had her own sense of Style and carried it Elegantly with great confidence.. This made me rethink my earlier statement.. Fashion is not just a Celebrity Fashion.. Fashion is what inside us,, each one of us has his/her own creativity to look their best…NOT Forgetting that “ITS NOT TRENDS THAT MAKES US, ITS WE WHO MAKE TRENDS”… And I decided to put up their Style Statements on my Blog…So here we GO!


Latest Fashion Trends| anatasia dress- wear a Single dress in 10 different ways

Next time you are going on a vaccation with your hubby, you dont need to undergo the trouble of packing 10 different dresses and 10 different accesories matching to those dresses.. It just gets so hectic na… Anatasia has made it easier for you by inventing a dress that can be worn 10 times in different ways back and again.. Now doesnt that sound cool,,,,,

A New York born designer has created a dress that can be worn 10 ways.The £170 Anastasia jersey dress created by designer Vanessa Knox transforms just by moving the neck opening and playing around with the sleeves. The mystery behind so much out of one dress is the extra long sleeves of the dress that can be draped in all different ways as possible..


Get the full video of the most wanted dress for the season..

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