Feel great and Look great- thats what fashion is all about

The boho-chic look of 70’s is here to stay with flare pants, bold patterns, matte colours, sleek belts, pencil skirts and Sling-back bags! Seems 2011 fashion trends are all about bringing the old 70’s back to life.. of course with a new touch to it…!!

Yes you heard me right. Sling-bag purse is the latest fashion mantra amongst the fashionista’s.. Celebs from Hollywood to Bollywood are seen flaunting Slingback purses and why not after all its the next best thing after sleek belts this season. These sling-backs not only bring backs the look of retro but also are very comfortable especially in these rains here in India, Whats better than not having to carry your big bags all around..The street fashion is catching up fast on this latest development in fashion industry with its boho look and easy to hold nature sling-backs are the new craze amongst the college gals this season… Check out your favourite celebs flaunting thier fashionable slingback bags this season…

alexa chung in channel fashion 2011

Alexa Chung in Slingback purse from Channel…

claudia schiffer sling back purse

deepika slingback purse fashion trends 2011

Deepika is seen flaunting slingback from quite some time now..

kiran rao slingback

Kiran rao is most famous for her gypsy style and now Bohemian has taken over for her and she sure looks great in it..

kiran rao slingback latest fashion trends 2011The yellow fever sure has not gone from fashion Industry..:)

Sonakshi slingback fashion 2011Sona seems very happy with her latest fashion explore

Sonakshi slingback fashion trends 2011Another of Sonakshi’s look.. the shoes are great and so is her purse.. Thumbs up!

The Fashion Icon Sonam sure wouldnt stay behind… We just love her in her jumpsuits, belts and sling back purses..

The retro thing sure looks great on Sonam.. I am sure no one carries it better than her..

Sonam kapoor channel bag fashion trends 2011The broader version of the slingbacks with those chains is what I personally love.. It gives a complete authentic look to you.. and sure no one could miss out on that snake-coiled bracelet Sonam is adorning. Its just WOW!

Kareena-slingback bags fashion trends 2011Of course our very own Fashion Diva Kareena couldnt make it better without those lovely Slingback bags with that Funky look…

katy-perry channel purse latest fashion 2011For those who think sling-back are just a casual wear.. Check yourselves.. Katy perry in a complete proffesional look with her slingbakc purse from Channel…

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