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Latest Bandhani collection for Summer 2011 – Rock it with Kuttchhi borders

Hello Friends,

I lately visited my lovely gujarat and am back again to amchi Mumbai.. Fashionmate indulged into lots of dhokla, thepla and khaman 😀 and ofcourse our all time favourite bandhani lookout.. The brand new collection of  Bandhani with the latest pattern of Kutchhi work borders and abhla (mirrors) have taken the toll this summer. The shops are glittering with colourful bandhani in Gujarat. Those who think have missed out on this new piece of tradition, herez your sneak-peak into the world of Bandhani right from the soul of Gujarat.  Bandhani is a traditional tie-dye technique used with vibrant colours normally found in north of Gujarat and Rajasthan. These days various coloured tie-dye method is implemented on the same piece of material to give it a more fashionable look… These bandhej are of two types viz smaller bandhej and bigger bandhej.. where the knots of tie are small forms a small bandhej (tidious and expensive one 😉 ) whereas those with bigger knots of the tied thread form the big bandhej (not too easier either) Basically threads are tied on the clothes and then it is dyed into various colours such that the area of the tied thread forms small dots of bandhej.. Take a look at the resulting pattern formed after that and decide for yourself…:)

emerald green- coral red-Bandhani-materialCheck out my all new Bandhani in Emerald Green Colour and Coral red Kutchhi Handwork

green red latest bandhani dress material

The same pattern in a bottle green shade also looks great….bottle green maroon bandhani dress material

The combination of vibrant threads in this work of border pacth with the various bandhej makes it stand out of the crowd. red green bandhani collection latest summer 2011

red green bandhani collection latest



























But my all time favorite is this casual yet attractive red and black bandhej on gaji silk material. This silk is a mixture of cotton and silk which gives the lusture of silk and comfort of cotton. I just love this material and the combination as well.. Moreover black makes me look slimmer.. 🙂 most of us think the same i know..lol… Dont miss the eye-cathing geometrical pattern made of bandhej in this cute simple bandhani dress.

red-black-gaji silk-bandhani-collection-latest-fashionable





For those who have got bored of seeing bandhani’s on my blog and want something else, Stop right here.. Below is the ppt attachment of few more bandhani colours and patterns for all you bandhani Crazy fans of Fashionmate.. I am privileged..LOL… Check out few more Hot bandhani dresses below…

latest bandhani collection

Thats all for today.. Tada…and Dont forget.. Keep reading and keep posting.. Your Comments are valuable..remember..:)

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